Introducing the Mintboard

Based Management is young in its development. Though we’ve been fortunate, thanks to pioneers like Zora, Nouns, and Base, to help push the space in our own way.

Using Zora rewards for DAO entry. Curating partnership drops as an invite-only founding mechanism. And now, tooling that allows interested parties to create media, art, content, etc in the same location - permissionless, with rewards splits, and on route to properly leverage the previous two installments.

A startup funded by Nouns:

Uplink lets individuals, brands, and decentralized orgs create rewards systems to amplify their reach and co-create masterpieces with their most passionate supporters.

They’ve also helped us build the mintboard.


A DAO, project, etc, creates a board. Anyone can post (mint) on it. All posts adhere to the price, duration, and edition size set by the board admins. For context, we have free, three day duration, and open edition at Based Management.

This streamlines the minting process to upload → submit → sign tx. And it has ensured that all relevant mints, from all third parties, are discoverable on one page.

Time to mint
Time to mint

A Collective Canvas, Onchain

Within our specific project, we’ve found a way to let members join the DAO through cultural capital. Thanks to Zora rewards, anyone whose amasses 1000 mints can join the DAO without going to the auction floor.

Before the mintboard, things were fragmented and not at all permissionless. Interns had to submit their files to a deform page and wait for us to manually mint them.

This tool allows all content to be in one location. It guarantees the work is on their own contract, earning rewards for each mint. It handles the .000111 reward split for the DAO treasury. And it allows for context-fermentation.


Decentralized Creation

Onchain orgs struggle to curate their decentralized inputs. Leaks in momentum and concerted effort are a common occurrence.

Instead of trying to limit that creative freedom, we hope to channel it. The mintboard was originally designed for our internship program. But it’s available to any DAO that sees benefit in creating an onchain version of, Pinterest, etc.

  • Zora rewards splits for creators and treasuries

  • Sovereign contracts with a unified browsing hub

  • Simplified time to mint experience

Imagine a mintboard for Nouns, Energy, or Purple. A place any creator can go and know their work is being discovered, collected, and shared, by the exact demographic they’re interested in.

Imagine those mints helping pay creators and fund treasuries. For members to have a dedicated spot to browse emerging talent, media, and ideas.

The mintboard is a collective canvas (h/t Leighton). And it’s officially live!

Here’s the first:

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